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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Draft Co-op Law Consolidation Bill by March 2013......?

Hot news on the great Cameron and Co-operatives UK Co-op Law consolidation project.

I have just spotted that in its Business Plan for 2012-2013 (at page 11) The Law Commission states that an aim in its consolidation programme is:
"To consolidate the legislation about co-operative and public (sic) benefit societies (previously known as industrial and provident societies)"

The milestone for this is to "Provide a draft Co-operative and Public (sic) Benefit Societies Bill to HMT by March 2013".

It is encouraging to have a publicly announced date for the provision of a draft Bill to HM Treasury. A shame that the long hallowed "community benefit" (bencom) label for one type of society became "public benefit" in this brief entry in a Business Plan. A slip of the word processor perhaps?

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