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Saturday, February 23, 2013

FSA/FCA Mutuals Registration Team: Job Advert & 01.04.13 Changes

Jonathan Bromberger Manager - e-Money, Mutuals & PSD Teams at the FSA writes in a widely circulated email:
"I am writing to update you on several current (or upcoming) changes for the Mutuals Registration Team (“the team”) as these will influence the way we interact with your organisation and the mutual sector more generally.
The team is in the midst of delivering significant change which will cover:
  • Actively considering how to implement the Draft Mutual Societies Order and how our role as registrar changes as a consequence;
  •   Reviewing our processes, systems and ways of working;
  •   Up-skilling the team;
  •    How we engage with the co-operative and mutual sector more generally &
  •    Planning for succession.
There is also a restructuring in the wider FSA, as we approach 01 April 2013 when FSA legally separates into the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).  However the registrar function will operate as part of the FCA and provide all the services required by societies whatever their society type.
In recognition of the importance FSA places on the successful delivery of these challenges the manager of the team will now have solo responsibility for the team, rather than managing a multiple portfolio.  The team will be located in the Approved Persons Passporting & Mutuals (“APPM”) department in Authorisations.  At 01 April, I will step down as the manager of the team and Beverley Walker will run the team on an interim basis.  Beverley will do so while the FSA seeks to recruit a permanent replacement and she will report to Graeme McLean who is the experienced Head of Department for APPM.  I will be in the FSA for a period after 01 April and will ensure an orderly handover of my mutual responsibilities.
I have attached a draft copy of the Mutuals manager job advert, if you are aware of any candidates this might suit or interest, please forward the advert to them (Job ad template Auth (6) (4) (4) (2) (3) (4) ).
If they wish to discuss the role, I am happy to do so with potential applicants and they can submit their applications via the following hyperlink: ...........................
Looking to the future I would also like to introduce Ian Adderley.  Ian joined my team this month as a Senior Associate and comes to us with a background of involvement in the co-operative movement. He previously worked for Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber- a regional co-operative council, representing, promoting and connecting co-operatives in that region. Whilst there he successfully organised and deliveredFutures North- an event bringing together co-operators across the north of the UK; and frequently spoke at events explaining and advocating the role of co-operatives and the co-operative economy. Ian has been active in the co-operative movement in various other ways including as a director of a national co-operative and previously as an elected member on committees of The Co-operative Group. Prior to working in the co-operative movement Ian read Law with Politics and was later called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn.  Most recently, Ian worked for the public services trade union, UNISON. There he worked as the national Ballots Manager, responsible for ensuring legal compliance in the running of industrial action ballots. His work also involved reviewing ballot processes, project managing the creation of new systems, writing guidance and delivering training.
I know Ian is keen to speak with people from across the co-operative and mutual sector. He will be in touch with you once he has completed his initial period in the team, however if you would like to contact him sooner, his contact details are:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Short Article on IPS Law.......

Here is a short guide to IPS Law as it stood at the end of 2012 with some reference to changes likely later this year. Maybe a useful reference piece of introduction........

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