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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Successful SGECOL Seminar at Co-operatives United

Last week saw the first public Seminar of the Study Group on European Co-operative Law (SGECOL) at Co-operatives United in Manchester on 31st October 2012. The Seminar was generously financed by the Co-operative Group Ltd and facilitated by Co-operatives UK staff.

The Seminar on "Co-operative Law in Europe: New Challenges and Perspectives" featured Papers or talks by:

Moira Lees Group ,Secretary of the Co-operative Group Ltd., on legal issues facing the Co-operative Group,
Carlo Borzaga of EURICSE on economic issues around Co-operative Law,
Hagen Henry of University of Helsinki on Harmonisation and separately EU State Aids,
Dante Cracogna on "Harmonization of the Cooperative Law in Latin America: Challenges and 
Antonio Fici on Pan-European Cooperative Regulation
Gemma Fajardo on Co-operative Finance and Co-operative Identity and
Ian Snaith on UK Legislation and Developments

The 35 delegates present included co-operative advisors and practitioners, regulators, legal professionals and jurists from the UK and other parts of Europe.

At a later Meeting of SGECOL progress of the PECOL Project and plans for its next stages were discussed together with the project for the publication of an International Handbook on Co-operative Law.

The possibilities opened up by the ICA General Assembly decision to approve the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade were discussed enthusiastically and SGECOL members look forward to assisting in that project and linking up with similar Co-operative Law related groups in other parts of the world. SGECOL was pleased to note that the Blueprint Document, at page 26, referred to the group and its work on PECOL as examples of practice to be developed.

Many thanks to everyone involved both in the Seminar and in the magnificent Co-operatives United Event which was inspiring and enjoyable for all.

This is surely the way to raise the Co-operative profile in the UK and around the world.

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